Malefiz for 6 players

If you are looking for a relaxing but not too easy game to play with friends, Malefiz is a great choice. Unfortunately, the basic variant is for 4 players only. What to do if you gather a larger group of 5 or 6 people? No problem. There’s a variant on a larger board!
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Teeko – a game and a masterpiece of John Scarne, the Wizard of Games

Teeko is a wonderful game, although today is almost forgotten. Too bad. Not only the game is interesting, but also its creator – John Scarne. He was a prominent expert on gaming, gambling, and card manipulations. He knew both the techniques of cheating on mathematical issues related to games. He was earning money as a magician, but because of his extensive knowledge we can call him “The Wizard of Games”.

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Orthogonal draughts on 8×8 board – Turkish Draughts, Croda and Dameo

Earlier I have described basic variants of Draughts and by the way I explained that draughts (checkers) is not one game. Draughts is a huge family of games with some common rules. In most draughts games pieces move diagonally, but there are also variations where pieces move in straight lines (orthogonally). Today I would like to show you three variants of orthogonal draughts – Turkish Draughts, Croda and Dameo.

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Warcaby ortogonalne 8×8 – tureckie, Croda i Dameo

Opisywałem już podstawowe odmiany warcabów i przy okazji tłumaczyłem, że warcaby to nie jest jedna gra. Warcaby to grupa gier, a wszystkie gry z tej grupy mają pewne wspólne zasady. W większości odmian pionki poruszają się na ukos (diagonalnie), ale są też odmiany, w których piony poruszają się po liniach prostych (ortogonalnie). Dziś chciałbym wam przedstawić trzy odmiany takich właśnie warcabów: Warcaby Tureckie, Croda oraz Dameo. Warcaby tureckie to gra tradycyjna, natomiast Dameo i Croda to bardzo udane gry współczesne.

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Reversi and othello – two different games. Do you know their different rules?

Game of othello becomes increasingly popular, but many people know this game as “reversi“. Even in some Wikipedia posts you can read that reversi is another name of othello. In fact, they are two different games. Both played on 8×8 board with two-color discs, but details are different.

I would like to bring you closer to the rules of these two games. I would like you to perceive the differences.

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Reversi i othello to dwie różne gry. Poznajcie ich różne zasady

Gra othello staje się coraz popularniejsza, ale wiele osób zna ją pod nazwą reversi. Nawet na polskiej Wikipedii możecie przeczytać, że reversi to inna nazwa othello. W rzeczywistości są to dwie inne gry. W obu gra się na planszy 8×8 przy pomocy pionów, które odwraca się w czasie gry, ale szczegóły są inne.

Chciałbym was zapoznać z zasadami tych dwóch różnych gier. Chciałbym żebyście dostrzegali różnice i umieli odróżnić reversi od othello.

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Malefiz - ustawienie początkowe

Malefiz or Barricade

Sometimes you want to play with family or friends, but you don’t want to get tired mentally. You rather want to relax, talk with someone etc. In such situations games with random element are fine. Some of these games are very popular like Pachisi or Ludo. Unfortunately, Ludo is quite simple … too simple. Perhaps you’d like to play some game similar to Ludo, but you want this game to be a bit more challenging, more surprising or demanding more strategic thinking?

If you are looking for such game I propose Malefiz.

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