Chivalry, Cam, Camette and other Camelot variants

I’ve already described Camelot – game excellent in many respects. However story of Camelot does not end here. This game has many variants, with boards of different sizes and with varied number of pieces. And there are Camelot variants for 4 players, more strategic than tactic! Let me introduce you to this games.

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Camelot – you can charge in this game

Recently I wrote that chess and checkers are two very different games without common roots. Despite this, there were people who tried to merge this games and results were fascinating. One of those people was George Swinnerton Parker (1866-1952), who created a fantastic game of Camelot. This game is not popular today. What a pity! For me it’s an underestimated jewel of board games.

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Camelot – gra, w której możesz poszarżować

Pisałem ostatnio o tym, że szachy i warcaby to dwie bardzo różne gry, wcale nie mające wspólnych korzeni. Mimo to znaleźli się ludzie, którzy postanowili jakoś je połączyć i efekty były fascynujące. Jednym z takich ludzi był George Swinnerton Parker (1866-1952), który stworzył fantastyczną grę Camelot. Dziś ta gra jest trochę zapomniana, a szkoda! To taka niedoceniana perła wśród gier planszowych.

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